Ice Cream, Olive Oil And Seaweed Biscuits

Santini, the ice cream company, was enthusiastic about the idea of using microalgae and created a Chlorella ice cream, which was the first partnership for the development department of Allmicroalgae to materialize.

In the market, the products of the company linked to Secil appear under the brand Allma. And, in addition to the ice cream, there are already being tested, “in the prototype phase but with great commercial potential”, olive oil with Chlorella with Oliveira da Serra (Sovena); bubble tea with Frulact; and fresh cheese with Queijaria Simões. “In the case of olive oil, the alga gives a slight aroma to the sea that looks great with salads or with fish” says Sofia Hoffmann de Mendonça, who is responsible for the company’s business development.

Chlorella biscuits were also tested and are currently being redesigned. Also, chef Vítor Sobral from Tasca da Esquina has collaborated with Allmicroalgae and started experimenting with Chlorella in several dishes – some were presented at the end of the inauguration ceremony of the Pataias Microalgae Production Unit. The most suitable specie that the company produces for human consumption is Chlorella vulgaris, which is, moreover, “the living organism with the highest concentration of chlorophyll”.

It is a microalga with “over 50% complete protein, which means that it has all the essential amino acids and can replace animal protein, which makes it very interesting for vegetarians,” explains the official. For the time being, Chlorella powder (which is already being exported), tablets and capsules (to be taken as a food supplement) and an aqueous and oily extract have been developed.

Source: Público

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